“Markovo Tepe” Mall organized a private screening of the new Bulgarian movie “Benzin”
The Bulgarian version of “The Fast and the Furious” promises a high dose of action and adrenaline to the fans of top speed
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19.05. was the release date for the new movie featuring the Bulgarian star Assen Blatechki and the American actor Michael Madsen. The Bulgarian version of “The Fast and the Furious” promises a high dose of action and adrenaline to the fans of top speed. There are a lot of them in Plovdiv. The boys from Benzin MC enjoyed their private screening on Friday in the “Markovo Tepe” shopping mall. 

The highly anticipated production launched with a memorable premiere in Varna and Sofia, where the unorthodox event attracted hundreds of zealots. Besides high speed and adrenaline, love and romantics have a fair share in the movie, commented the cast. The soundtrack features rock star Sully Erna, who held two shows in Bulgaria this year. He also appears in the movie. Such a perfect combination awaits the most impatient audiences in the cinemas from Friday on. Dimitar Kalkovski and Aleksandar Byalkov were among those, who enjoyed the private screening in Plovdiv’s newest cinema. We asked them a few questions regarding the event.

 How did you come up with the idea?


 It all began with the match in the names. Benzin means a lot to us. Years ago, when we had to choose a name for our club, “benzin” encompassed the ideology all of us shared. When we first watched the trailer, we made the comparison between ourselves and the people who chose the title for the movie – they probably aimed at the same effect. Then, we talk about speed, vehicles, intrigue here – we were unanimous in our resolve to watch the movie. And why not all of us together – we will completely fit thematically as we make some engine noise and bring about fuel odor. What is more, we, bikers, like to act with a cause – in this case the cause is the Bulgarian movie industry. We want to see more of our movies competing with international blockbusters.

 Why did you choose “Markovo Tepe”?

 In a city, such as Plovdiv, the choice of cinema is really not that hard, simply because there are a few cinemas. The movie hits the malls first, so that we chose this one due to its location. More people will see us there. If we line up all the bikes at the Mall of Plovdiv parking, the effect will not be the same.   

 What is your goal with such publicity?

People hold negative stereotypes related to bikers, and we face these on a daily basis. Sometimes they are even offensive. Participating in such events, we aim at breaking these stereotypes and showing people that we are just common men and women – we have families, we love to take them to the movies, we follow the rules, we have hobbies – folk dance, photography, kite surfing, mountaineering, among others. Besides, for the past several years our club has taken part in numerous charity events helping people in need. All of this remains unseen by the public, who only see our noisy bikes and leather jackets. 


History of the club

Benzin MC is currently the second largest MC in Plovdiv. It was established in 2011 by Angel Vassilev (president), Zhivko Zhekov (vice-president), Aleksandar Byalkov (treasurer), Lyuben Tuparov and Nikolay Balkanski, whose idea was born during a jamboree in the town of Pavel Banya. During the years more and more people sharing the hobby joined and the club grew, rising in the hierarchy of the motorcycling community. Since 2016 the boys have a club house where their families and friends meet. Everyone willing to become a member has to have his own bike and the corresponding license.

by Karina Toneva

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